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The dr was great. She helped my son feel very comfortable. Thank you so much. (Dr. Craigmiles)
Mary W.
One of the best telemedicine experiences. (Dr. Lowry)
J. Anderson
Excellent Service. Very happy to have the ability for in home service. (Dr. Salcido)
Samuel O.
Dr. Salcido was professional, a good listener, and did a great job getting me the medication I need to feel better. Thank you.
Patricia O.
Dr. Craigmiles was fantastic! I will definitely be referring to her
Excellent experience! Thank you for making it so easy, convenient, and fast! (Dr. Lowry)
Kristin P.
August 2020
Great job-----Professional, very efficient and knowledgeable
Richard O.
August 2020
My experience with Dr. Salcido was wonderful! I will definitely be using this service again and will refer my friends as well!
Meghan L
August 2020
Exceeded expectations and results received very quickly (Dr. Salcido)
Jay H.
August 2020
Excelente consulta, muy atento a los sintomas y muy bien con sus recomendaciones y farmacologia. Muchas gracias:) (Dr. Salcido)
Magdalena E
Great Service! Thank you. (Dr. Lowry)
Courtney M.
July 2020
Very quick response and great bedside manner! (Dr. Salcido)
Aracely A.
July 2020
Great Experience! (Dr. Lowry) 6/5/2020
Ryan M.
My daughter injured herself at softball practice and needed stitches on her eyelid. Dr. Salcido took wonderful care of her and came back a week later to take the stitches out. We were worried that it would scar but a year later, we can barely see it. Feel very lucky to have Dr. Salcido in our neighborhood!
Barbara L.
I highly recommend Dr. Salcido. I suffer from major allergies and have intense sinus infections living in the state of Texas. Dr. Salcido was able to help me quickly, he listened to what was going on and issued me the prescriptions I needed to get back on track fast. He was so great to work with!
Amy K.
Thank goodness for Dr Salcido's in-home emergency medical care. He was professional, thorough, and exceptionally knowledgeable. He was able to examine and administer diagnostic tests to accurately assess and treat Grandpa's ailment. I would highly recommend UrgentHomeMD for all your family member's immediate medical needs.
Jeanine R.
Everything was great. We will contact Dr. Lowry again for any follow up needed for my mom. Thank you so much!
Laura H.
"Very quick and knowledgeable response!"(Dr. Salcido)
Paula R.
HUGE thanks to Dr. Salcido from your favorite "helicopter mom" down in Aggieland! I also (100%) HIGHLY recommend Dr. Salcido for anyone looking for a REAL doctor (no strings on this guy)! Best physician I've had the pleasure of working with!
Alissa C.
"This is a GREAT way to AVOID the waiting rooms where you can get even more sick. He’s an ER doctor. He’s great with kids. I’m picky and wouldn’t recommend anyone I don’t trust 100%. This guy is the best." (Re: Dr. Salcido)
Yelena G.
I would definitely recommend him! (Dr. Lowry)
He is great! We will definitely be going to him in the future!
Lisa E.
We had a really great experience with Clint Lowry this evening. Who does Saturday evening house class for urgent care?! If you have an urgent need, please call Dr. Lowry especially at this time when we all need to stay at home.
Jill T.
He is amazing! He took care of my daughter!
Roxanne R.
Dallas and Collin county people! Sick and Don't want to leave your house? I have worked side by side in the ER with Dr. Lowry for years and he is the best! Provided me with a house call last month when I had a double ear infection and sinus infection. I was grateful to not sit in Urgent Care on a Sunday being exposed to the flu.He gave me a steroid shot and called in antibiotics to my pharmacy and I stayed in my jammies on the sofa.
Jennifer A.

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